Can't find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

Where do I go and what do I do to turn on the Utilities?

Utilities may be activated by the individual Unit Owner or renter by contacting the various utility companies and following their directions, as follows:

Utility Hook-Up

Please call Florida Power & Light (FPL) to have service transferred to your name.


Florida Power & Light Company http://www.fpl.com/

Tel.  954-797-5000


Call the telephone carrier of your choice. Some providers are:AT&T, att.com, Tel. 800-288-2020

Comcast, www.comcast.com, Tel. 954-437-1920

Security Alarm

Call the company of your choice. One such company is:NMSC, Tel.  800-635-1635

What is the policy and procedure regarding insurance?

Personal Property Insurance - Since The Lakes of Jacaranda is a condominium, the Condominium Association will maintain an insurance policy on the building, and all common areas. As an individual unit owner, it is your responsibility to obtain a condominium owner policy to cover personal property as well as liability coverage for within your condominium. Your policy should cover everything from the first layer of drywall into the unit.

Who is responsible for the care of the individual Unit?

How to Care for Your Unit - With the purchase of a new home come the responsibilities of homeownership. Regular maintenance and immediate response to household repair will help retain the value of your new home. As the owner of a condominium, you are responsible for keeping the interior of your unit in good repair. The maintenance staff for the building will only work in and on the common elements of the property, i.e. hallways, clubhouse lobbies, and main building areas and systems. If something malfunctions in your unit, it will be necessary for you to contact your own repair personnel for its repair.

Is leasing of the individual Unit permitted?

Leasing of the Unit is permitted. However, approval of the prospective tenant(s) must be received from the Screening Committee BEFORE the tenant(s) may move in. Also, each lease shall be in writing, for a minimum term of six (6) consecutive months. For more information, see your Condominium Documents.

Is there parking available on the premises? Are there assigned parking spots?

All parking is located on Condominium Property. Parking spaces will not be assigned. There are parking spots designated for Unit Owners and other residents and other areas designated for Visitors. In the event that Unit Owners purchase a unit with an assigned carport, then such carport shall be exclusively assigned to the Unit Owner and the carport is a limited common element of the Unit.

I understand there is car washing permitted on the property. Am I allowed to wash my car or work on my car on the property?

Car washing shall be permitted only and solely in and on the designated car wash area located at the north side of the Condominium Property. No repairs of vehicles shall be conducted on the Condominium Property.

What is the policy and procedure regarding pest control?

Pest Control Service is contracted for the outside Common Areas only. Individual Unit Owners may hire the services of the Pest Control personnel at their own expense for their individual units.

I am happy to see that Lakes of Jacaranda is “pet friendly”. What are the rules regarding pets on the property. Do we need to notify or register our pets?

Pet Registration - It is the duty and responsibility of Unit Owners to inform Tenants of all rules and regulations. Unit Owners and Tenants are required to notify and register the pets with the Condominium Association by setting forth all information regarding their pets on the Owner/Tenant Information Form required to be submitted to the Condominium Association. Pets are not permitted on any of the recreational facilities such as pools, pool deck, barbecue area, gym, and clubhouse and tennis court. No pets shall be left unattended anywhere in the Common Areas of the Condominium. Further, no pet shall be within the Common Elements of the Condominium unless the pet is on a leash, which is a maximum of six (6) feet long. Unit Owners or lessees must pick up solid waste from their pets and dispose of the same appropriately. There are pet Waste Disposal trash bags available at the pets’ Waste Disposal Trash stations throughout the complex and garbage cans are located throughout the Condominium complex.