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HOA Board of directors proud to announce Improvements that were done in 2012.

  • Pest control vendor update – saving of 50%
  • Bee removal contract updated – saving of 55%
  • Updated contract for internet, phone for owners to call  – savings of 60%
  • New plumber contract – which will save the association and owners up to 65% on each call
  • New electrician agreement, which will save the association and owners up to 65% on each call
  • Agreement with new roof repair corporation which will save up to 50% each call
  • Purchased new Insurance policy  and saved up to 20%
  • New contract with irrigation co  Fix and improve irrigation system and landscape and saved up to 25% ,
  • Signed new contract with Towing corp.
  • Renew contract with corp for Fire extinguishers
  • New contract agreement for lake maintenance, clean, Spry anti flays, and throws new fishes in lake,
  • July 3ed fun day and B.B.Q for all the residents
  • Expend the Fence in pools area to prevent intruders and not welcome visitors
  • Install alarm system in club house, office  and maintenance warehouse
  • Install security cameras in club house gym and  pools
  • Installing new fire alarm  in each apt as required by fire department
  • Repair and paint CLUB HOUSES: POOLS,GYM AND B.B.Q AREA
  • Repair and paint Small pool: extra room.
  • Install new doors, electronic keys in Club house, Gym, tennis court and 2  pools
  • Purchase gym equipments, clean, and fix the old and open gym to public. 
  • Purchased and install new pools furniture: Tables, umbrellas, picnic tables and grills.
  • Jacuzzi – roof buildup. to improve the appearances
  • Repair ,clean and paint club house gym and toilets  
  • New  wide screen TV, coffee maker and internet at the club house for special events for the tenants leisure time,
  • Reopen the office and hired administrator personal to operate it for owners convenience
  • New computer clubhouse updating all files
  • Open official email and web site for tenant convenience  and better communication
  • Install new mailbox for outgoing mail in front of club house
  • Install bulletin board in each building next to mail boxes
  • Fixed garbage dumpsters, painted gates and surroundings to keep the complex nice and  clean
  • Purchase landscape equipment
  • Hired new maintenance personal to save money  and do better job
  • Purchased pressure cleaning machine and cleaning  the complex
  • Fixed and changed all electric hazard broken lights fixtures, light bulbs and adding light poles.
  • Buy new golf cart (now we have 2 new golf cart)
  • Repair old benches around the lake, purchased 6 new and install them
  • Purchased and install Garbage cans for the entire complex
  • Plant new flowers and new grass where needed
  • Purchased and install 10 dog pickup stations
  • Fix two fountains at complex entrance.
  • Clean and paint entrance wall and sign of the complex
  • Buy new Bicycle stations, clean and throw old that not in use.
  • Mark and paint parking , guest, reserved, handicap
  • Repair pothole and curbs
  • Updating car parking policy,
  • Nominate Committees: Security,screrning, Events and PR
  • Repair all stucco at all bldg
  • Install water drains in big pool
  • Install new water coolers in small and big pool
  • Water pressure clean sidewalks breezeways  floor  walls and doors
  • Install new, clean , paint and Improve signs all over the complex
  • Updating tennis court
  • Install new playground for kids